Our broad experience managing complex legal matters results in an enhanced ability to assist clients in today’s challenging environment. We understand that controversies and transactions can contain many diverse elements and complications, and our varied specializations and experience make us expertly positioned to advise in such situations. Our main areas are:

In addition to the litigation and transactional work which external law firms usually offer, SLCG provides legal assistance for individual matters in line with the services provided by an internal company legal team, including:

>Early case assessment (ECA)

at the outset of disputes, formulated on the basis of best, most likely and worst case scenarios, providing an upfront summary of the risks and benefits of the dispute and also allowing for the establishment of financial statement reserves

>Case management

including an estimate of legal costs and cost control, consideration of possible alternatives to litigation, continual updating of expectations and coordination with the external accountants, experts, technical staff and employees involved in any particular matter

>Early dispute resolution (EDR)

such as settlement negotiations and mediation, applied as alternatives to court or arbitration proceedings


of the expertise required with regard to the applicable law and the competent forum, and various contacts worldwide to assist with matters outside of our capacity

>Training courses

for employees on recurrent legal issues


of best practices and handbooks for internal company use

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